Museum of Rubber Artifacts

Opened on the occasion of the Piedmontese stage of the national “Plant Open Day” organized by Ecopneus, this permanent display of artifacts, made using secondary raw materials derived from the treatment of used tyres, is housed on the premises of Tritogom in Cherasco. This company part of the Gruppo Piumatti specialises in the treatment of this type of waste.

On display:

  • Anti-shock tiles for playground areas in different shapes and sizes
  • Products for livestock
  • Road safety products such as speed bumps, corner bumpers, edging curbs
  • Soundproofing sheaths
  • Rail profiles for rail and tram use
  • Wheels

Pride of place is reserved for the rubber granules and powder produced by Tritogom, which represents the secondary raw materials used for the manufacturing of the above-mentioned products.