A Wide Range of Services

Bra Servizi offers security, advanced technology and reliability. We develop solutions based on our customers’ needs. We use the latest cutting-edge technology: the Sewer cleaning vehicle with water recycling, thanks to its specialist equipment of internal filters and combined jetting and suction hose, is extremely efficient in sewer, drain and tank cleaning; the Cap Bora Excavator vacuum loader; the mobile centrifuge unit separates waste material from water (eg mud); the vertical naval container revolutionises the way in which containers containing debris and waste are transported; storage and destruction of excise duty alcohol using a specialist breaking plant for the recovery of excise duty.


    The Eco 3.0 stands for the latest generation of the Eco-Combi series which sets new standards in the area of efficient sewer cleaning with water recycling. Very compact dimensions thanks to an extremely short wheelbase, modern design and the combined hose boom are the most striking new features along with the proven high-power components KDU, KWP and ROTOMAX.

    The vehicle has a maximum jetting capacity of 400 litres a minute and a maximum water pressure of 200 bar. The vacuum pump delivers a maximum air flow of 3100m3/h. The combined jetting and suction hose boom can take a suction hose lenght of up to 20 m and enables an extremely low overall height of less than 3.5 m. The flexibility of the boom – offering swivel and telescoping functions as well as up and down movements – further expands the working range.

    More information is available at KAISER AG Fahrzeugwerk.


    cap bora scontornato

    The suction excavator Cap Bora uses state-of-the-art technology. Its has a powerful suction mechanism which can remove heavy materials in places not easily reached by traditional machinery. Pump insulating materials can reach a height of 50 metres.
    Thanks to its radial impeller which is capable of spinning at 500 km/h, the Cap Bora can suck soil, rubble, debris, industrial waste, gravel, sludge, water, steel and oil press waste and rocks up to a weight of 40 kg and a diameter of 25 cm.

    The work can be carried out speedily and with great cost savings (- 60% compared to traditional technologies).

    How does a vacuum excavator work?

    A radial fan creates a flow of air of up to 500 km/h which sucks up any type of material – solids, liquids, dry, muddy – through a flexible hose (diameter ranging from 150 – 300) up to 300 m in length and up to 30 m deep. It is also possible to pump insulating material onto roofs over 50 m heigh.
    Perfect results and tangible benefits.

    What can be sucked

    • Earth
    • Debris
    • Rubble
    • Waste materials
    • Industrial Waste
    • Gravel
    • Mud
    • Water
    • Dust
    • Stones up to a diameter of 25 cm and a weight of 40 kg
    • Ash
    • Scrap steel
    • Feed

    Where does the material end up?

    • The sucked material, contained in a tank of capacity of 9 m3, is emptied in a landfill or in a container.
    • A special tilting system allows the vehicle to remain stationary whilst it empties the material.
    • Emptying from a height of 2 m to allow skips and containers to be completely filled.
    • Remote controlled rotating robotic arm.
    • When being emptied the robotic arm remains in the working position.
    • 300° working area.
    • Can unload into big-bags.

    Advantages and Benefits

    • Large cost savings (more than 60%).
    • Power and extreme precisio.
    • Removal of material without the need for expensive scaffolding.
    • No need for excavators.
    • Quicker than any other method.
    • Removal and transport using the same vehicle.
    • Start immediately. No need for advance planning.
    • Use in restricted work areas.
    • Use in historical city centres.
    • Precise. Avoiding damage to underground utilities.
    • Save time in both the removal of and emptying of material.
    • Less dust created helping both the environment and workers.

    Where we work

    • Road crossings
    • Road Maintenance
    • Industries
    • Sucking from tanks and silos
    • Building sites
    • Roads and motorways
    • Railways
    • Oil distributors
    • Areas of historical importance
    • Pipelines
    • Emergencies and flooded areas
    • Excavation for the building industry
    • Environmental reclamation
    • Waterways
    • Water treatment plants
    • Steelworks, foundries and for the petrochemical industry

    In addition, the excavator is ADR compliant (concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road). ADR vehicles are allowed to transport hazardous waste, ensuring a safe service and looking after the environment.

    Video: Removal of building material


    Video: Treatment plants


    Video: Road crossing


    To get a quote phone 0172 412507

    or send an email to: d.scarzello@braservizi.com

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    centrifugaBra Servizi provides a dewatering sewage sludge service by centrifuge. This is achieved first by chemically conditioning the sludge, then by dewatering it through centrifugation, whereby the solids are separated from the liquid through sedimentation and centrifugal force.
    Thanks to our mobile dewatering units we can reach directly the client’s purification plant or tanks, relieving him of the resposabilities of running the operation/ supervising the operation.

    Video: Dewatering sewage sludge by centrifuge




    Revolutionising the way naval containers containing raw materials and waste are transported

    A completely new way of loading goods. The container is placed vertically. Open top containers needing cranes for loading are not necessary. The special trailer comes equipped to do everything: it lifts the naval container and places it directly on the ground, with the open doors at the top allowing cranes, or conveyor belts at least 6m heigh, to load it. After the loading has been completed the doors are closed and the trailer positions the container horizontally. This is all done from a safe distance using a remote control. Another special feature is the truck which comes equipped to unload the container as it does with skips. Furthermore it is possible to order and separate the materials by placing special dividers inside the containers of 34 cubic metres. It is therefore possible to create a “differentiated container” which can be customised. This can’t be done with normal containers.



    Gravity helps to optimise the load even for lightweight and bulky materials.

    Box container
    Only the second of its type in Europe.

    Pure Innovation
    Technology used in the world’s major ports.

    Safety mechanisms and a remote control allow loading and unloading in complete safety.



    It’s the first plant in Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta for the fiscal destruction and immediate recovery of excise duties.

    Constant innovation and high standards of customer satisfaction have pushed Bra Servizi, a leader in environmental solutions and services, to design and operate a new plant for the destruction of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages under the direct supervision of Custom and Excise Officers.

    Simple, fast and cheap. Until only yesterday, the recovery of excise duty took many days and lots of red tape was involved. This wasted precious time and money. This plant helps solve that problem. Bra Servizi listens to its customers. It’s what makes it stand out from the rest of the competition.

    Unique. This is the first and only plant in Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta that can offer this kind of direct service. Bra Services, at its premises in Bra, holds both the Integrated Environmental Authorisation (AIA) 1124 license (issued by Cuneo Province), and the license allowing it to store products subject to excise duty. These also allow for the destruction of the product with the subsequent recovery of materials and their necessary disposal.

    Versatile. This new plant allows for the destruction of: loose and/or packaged beverages, beer, spirits (cider, spirits etc.), intermediate products (liqueur wines etc.), non-alcoholic beverages. Bra Servizi manages the whole process from start to finish: storage of the beverage (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), destruction of the containers, recovery of liquid, denaturing.